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Pre-resettlement interviews with families: Advice is offered on all aspects of moving to the country at these interviews.

Families considering moving are offered the opportunity (as far as possible) of meeting people who have already resettled in order to hear their stories and learn from their experiences. RRI organise these meetings by asking different families who have previously moved to the country to come to Dublin from time to time and spend a few hours talking to people interested in moving.

R.R.I. assist in locating houses.

RRI will advise on assistance towards furniture removal costs where applicable.

RRI try to have someone present to meet families as soon as possible after arrival at their new home. Useful local information on schools, doctors, welfare offices etc is provided as far as possible.

Field Officer
The RRI Field Officer will call as soon as possible after arrival to offer advice and assistance if required. Financial assistance is not possible as RRI have no funds for this purpose. The Field Officer will make return calls as often as required if requested to do so.

See Contact Us for Field Officer details.

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