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The Organisation

R.R.I.—The Organisation
Established in 1990 as a voluntary non-political, non sectarian and non-profit organisation. Rural Resettlement Ireland (R.R.I.) have assisted hundreds of families to leave the city and resettle permanently in rural areas. All services are provided free of charge (except furniture removal).

We hold that the rural environment is part of the natural wealth of our country and that through Rural Resettlement, we afford an opportunity to many urban families to share in this wealth who otherwise might never be able to do so.

We are also conscious of the larger picture relating to the very uneven population distribution in Ireland and the even more depressing forecasts for the future. Dublin and the East Coast generally will continue to expand with all the attendant problems of housing, traffic, waste management, environmental and health problems, while many rural areas will continue to decline.

In this context, every single family that avails of the Rural Resettlement option will bring benefits not alone to themselves, but also to the country at large.

Neither are we forgetting the global context within which it will become more and more essential that every habitable corner of the earth be available for living as the world population continues to expand.

In Summary
• RRI is a voluntary non-profit organisation with Charitable Status

• It has five staff and a Board of non-salaried Directors

• Funding: Approximately 60% of the core funding comes from the Department of the Environment.

• Services: RRI offer a quality service to families ranging from one-to-one meetings with the field officer, advice on housing to furniture removal and maintaining contact with the family after moving if required.

• 679 families resettled to 19 Counties (December 2009)

• Europe is now looking to the RRI model of resettlement as a possible method of combating rural depopulation.

• Media interest: 45 TV programmes worldwide to date. Wall Street Journal, London Independent, The Times (London), Newsweek and other leading international and national newspapers and magazines.

RRI (Rural Resettlement Ireland) is a Registered Charity, Number CHY11817

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