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Rural Environment

A rural environment is very different from an urban environment in many obvious as well as not so obvious ways

countrysideOne key difference is space. All people, whether they live in cities or in the countryside aim for the highest possible quality of life for their families. Space, with all its implications for humanity is a vital component of the quality of life.

Space is the key element in all aspirations of modern living--space to live, to breathe, to have privacy, to have security, to rear children, to have pets, to allow for personal development, to keep possessions, to pursue interests and hobbies, to be part of nature, to grow plants, to embrace silence, to have peace of mind.

Overall the amount of space for living allocated to any person may have a profound effect on their mental and physical wellbeing (report by the World Health Organisation). None of these observations are either new or revolutionary. Above all, they represent common sense.

country roadsRoads
Ireland has one of the highest mileages of roadway to land ratios in the world, so there will always be a road to get you where you want. Cars are a key aspect of life today – whether you live in an urban or rural setting – but in rural settings, traffic is not such an issue. Many areas have very little traffic, especially in winter, so you will always get to where you are going without the hassle of unpredictable traffic jams.

Country roads also differ from urban roads in that many of them are often narrow and have no footpaths, so you will need to take care and take your time, as many people walk on country roads – a popular recreation.

wild birdWildlife
Birds and wildlife form a huge part of the rural environment and it is something you will get so much more of than you do with urban living. There is nothing like seeing wildlife in their natural habitat. Badgers, newts, Squirrels, deer, numerous birds and so many more to learn about and see – many in your own back garden!

The night in rural areas is very different from urban settings. Depending on how close to rural settlements you live, street lighting can either be very small or non-existant. There are two big things you will notice straight off when you experience this. First, how dark it really is an night. The second is the sky at night. You will see so many stars you never knew event existed – and if you have a telescope, you may well find yourself developing a new and fascinating hobby.

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