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Social Life in the Country

Life in Rural Ireland can be quite different from life in Urban areas, but it is an attractive aspect of life that entices many people to move to the countryside.

Blending in
local activitiesMany rural communities are close knit with little experience of outsiders moving in. By tradition and nature they are friendly and welcoming and as long as there is give and take on both sides, new friendships easily develop. However it is not possible to generalise about all people and some personality differences will be present everywhere.

Also, remember that bad news travels fast, and people who run up debts they can’t pay or don’t keep up with the rent can spoil it for other people hoping to resettle in the area. It is the collective aspiration of all communities that houses and their surrounds will be well maintained and a pleasure to see. That places a responsibility on all occupiers of houses to keep up the standard in their own house. If everybody does that (whether they are renting or owners) then they, as well as everybody else, will share in the pleasure of living in a lovely environment.

N.B. The first few months may be the most difficult. Don’t panic, give your family time to adjust and settle in.

local fairParticipation
Participation in social activities is a very personal issue with all people no matter where they live. Some people are naturally good mixers and love to be involved in whatever is going on. Very often these are the people who start new activities in an area and open doors for others.

tug of warThe results of this creativity can be seen everywhere in terms of, for example, drama groups, musical societies, youth clubs, local festivals, tidy towns, community games, local development committees, sport, politics, etc. Other people prefer to live their lives in a different way and do not become involved in local activities.

The obvious environmental and cultural differences between city and rural life may inspire individuals to make beneficial changes in their lifestyle if they move to the country. For example, simple activities like walking on quiet rural roads or by the sea may seem more attractive than sitting staring at a T.V. set. Other rural activities such as fishing, hill walking, bird watching, gardening, painting, etc all offer private satisfaction for many people.

churchBasically, individuals must decide for themselves what they wish to get from or contribute to local community life.

Social Facilities
Pubs, community halls, G.A.A. grounds, churches - all form part of the traditional infrastructure of rural social life. Modern living has seen the development of restaurants, pub food, fast food outlets, swimming pools, gyms, nightclubs, hotels and other social outlets in many areas.

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