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Living in the Country

Taking the dispersed nature of rural living, the availablity and access to Health Services will be different from urban living.

Some families have specific health requirements in relation to adults or children. It is essential that they examine carefully the availability or access to these medical services at any new location before they move. Local Health Boards will be able to advise in most cases.

family doctorAvailability
Family doctor care is generally available through clinics, dispensaries and home visits as it is in cities. People may have to travel a bit further to the doctor in rural areas. Hospitals, nursing homes and other medical services are available to all people no matter where they live. However people may have to be hospitalised a great deal further from where they live if they live in the country.

Strike a Balance
There are many acknowledged deficiencies in the health system which affect all people. People have to strike a balance for themselves between the upsides and the downsides of general health care as it exists in city and country. Official statistics indicate that people have a healthier lifestyle, live longer and have a significantly better chance of avoiding certain cancers in rural areas.

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