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Living in the Country

Job opportunities vary from one area to another and also change from time to time depending on many factors.

Job Opportunities
workingOpportunities include factories opening up and factories closing down—it is not possible to generalise. Tourism is a factor in many coastal areas. Jobs in this sector are almost all in the service industry and tend to be seasonal.

Work in the building industry is often available in rural areas. Fitters, welders and other metal working skills are frequently in need in connection with the manufacture and maintenance of farm machinery. Truck drivers are also in demand as are electricians, plumbers and other trades. Many people in rural areas travel to work in towns.

N.B. It is important to point out that the experience of Rural Resettlement indicates the vast majority of families move to the country for the quality of life rather than in search of jobs. Many people give up work in cities in order to move. Each family has to arrive at their own conclusions in this vital area of life. What suits one family may not suit others.

Some people move with the intention of creating their own livelihood. Craftworkers, writers, computer workers, driving instructors, child minders, artists and many others have set themselves up in business since resettling. Many rural houses have space around them and old sheds that can be used for creative purposes.

driving instructorEach county council has an enterprise development section where people can apply for start up grants and other assistance. Many musicians have found work in local pubs since moving. People who move and create their own livelihood build up a real stake in the area and may stand a better chance of survival than if they were depending on a job over which they have no control.

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