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The availability and quality of education at all levels will always be a top priority when considering moving. Here we outline what is available at all levels.

school hallSchool class sizes are generally far smaller in rural schools. Many two teachers schools would have less than thirty pupils in total. Waiting lists would be an exception. Secondary schools are open to all students.

An in-depth survey on the educational aspects of resettlement was commissioned by R.R.I. and carried out by Brian Harvey states in its Summary;

“The educational gains from moving are strong, clear and convincing, probably exceeding expectations before moving. Records and surveys show parental satisfaction with smaller class sizes, greater safety and generally higher educational standards.

Changes are reported in the children’s behaviours that can reasonably be attributed, at least in part, to an improved school environment. There is unambiguous evidence that parental expectations have risen following resettlement.

The proportion expecting their children to go to third level has risen from 32% to 52%”.

Pre-schools, crèches and child minding is a local issue in all areas. All parents should become involved in addressing these needs.

Primary School
Rural primary schools offer a high standard of education. Classes are generally smaller than city schools. Most schools have computers and other up to date equipment. There are generally no waiting lists.

Secondary Schools
After primary school, rural children have to travel by bus to secondary school. Very often this is located in the nearest rural town which could be ten or more miles from their home. However, this routine of bus journeys to and from school forms part of students lives and is rarely considered a hardship.

Third Level
A high proportion of rural students go on to third level education. Whatever college or university they attend, they generally return home by public transport at weekends.

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