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Moving Advice

There are many things you will need to keep in mind when moving. We have compiled here some of the information that many people have found quite useful.

Your Post
Inform An Post of your change of address. Ask them about their special readdressing service. Also inform any other relevant agencies such as your Bank, ESB office, etc. An Post offer a service to redirect your mail to your new address for a period of time. There is also change of address service who will set up your change of address details with companies you require for you, such as utilities like ESB and Eircom etc.

Phone Calls
telephoneLong distance calls from the country to the city will be more expensive than local calls. Make sure your friends or family have a contact number to find you after you move in case of emergencies—a neighbours number will do if you are waiting for a phone in the house you move to. Mobile phones may have poor coverage in some areas.

People sometimes run up huge bills when they move to country houses—it may have to do with immersion heaters, storage heaters or electric fires. Old houses can be colder than city houses and may cost more to heat. This would not apply to new houses. Grants are available for homeowners to upgrade the insualtion of their house.

car by houseCars
Many people who are not car owners in the city decide that a car is essential after they move because of the lack of public transport. All families are advised to seriously consider the financial implications of running a car. It is a heavy financial cost. However, car insurance can be cheaper in rural areas. Petrol prices can be either dearer or cheaper--shop around, local small garages may be cheaper for servicing and repairs.

Internet access in rural areas is something that is improving all the time with the development of infrastructure. There can be lots of options of internet access in rural Ireland examples would be satellite broadband, mobile broadband and landline internet access.

Some work better that others and it is solely based on location.

Children from around twelve upwards may find it more difficult to leave their friends and move to the country. This is not always the case and each family must assess their own children’s reactions. As a rule of thumb, the younger the child the easier resettlement seems to be.

Although generally viewed as mans’ best friend, dogs kept as pets in the countryside have to be carefully controlled so as not to chase or worry farm animals. Dogs can form packs with other dogs and roam the fields causing destruction. In particular, all dogs must be securely locked up at night time.

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