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Before moving

If you are considering moving to the country, we have some things here you should take into account before you move.

housing listLocal Authority Housing Lists
Remember that if you leave a local authority rented house you will be at the bottom of the housing list again if you return to the city. Also, make sure your rent is up to date before you leave and that the house is in good condition for inspection by the local authority.

Outside of its own housing options, i.e. private renting, the local authority Village Scheme and R.R.I. Voluntary Housing, R.R.I. will not knowingly assist families who intend to go on the housing list and look for a council house as soon as they arrive in the country. All County Councils have huge waiting lists of their own and it would be foolish to have high expectations of an instant house in these circumstances.

Your House Keys
house keysReturn your house key yourself to the housing officer at your local authority office. County Councils in other areas will investigate your record if you have lived in a local authority house in the city when you apply for a Shared Ownership mortgage or any other local authority housing option after you move to the country. Make sure you don’t leave a bad record behind you in the city.

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