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There are housing options available to you should you decide to move to the country. We outline the main ones here.

RRI seek houses available for long-term rent on an on-going basis. The majority of families moving rent these houses. The houses can be anywhere in the country depending on availability at any time. Our Field Officer visits each house before referring it to a family. If he feels the house is not up to standard or the rent is too high, R.R.I. will not refer it. It is difficult to draw up hard and fast guidelines especially in relation to older houses.

However, experience and common sense have to be used in each case. In any event all details relating to each house are passed on to the family interested in renting. The family must always visit the house themselves and make up their own minds. If they decide to rent, the rental agreement will be a private matter between themselves and the owner. R.R.I. are not financially or legally involved in the agreement. The landlord pays the legal cost of the lease. Make sure you discuss any changes in the occupancy of the house with your landlord, for example, any other person moving in.

RRI will enquire about the rent and terms of a lease on your behalf prior to moving in. Any queries you might have on deposits or rent allowance can be discussed with the field officer.

housingIt is important to note that while RRI inspects houses before referral this does not constitute a guarantee of condition either at that time or at a later date. It is not an engineers report. Families must satisfy themselves as to the condition of the house before signing a lease and may hire any outside consultant they wish to advise them. Any problems arising later due to deterioration or malfunctioning systems are the sole responsibility of the owner. They are not the responsibility of RRI.

Many rural houses offered for rent have large gardens and sheds.

houseHoliday Homes
Many of the new houses built in coastal areas are second homes and are empty most of the year. They are generally not available for long-term letting. R.R.I. will not assist people seeking to build holiday homes.

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